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Ovalion Started its SEO operations few years back. We first launched in Kochi, (Kerala) as Kochi is fast developing cities in Kerala. IT Sector in Kerala is developing fast with search engine optimization service. Our SEO services in Kerala has been excellent over the years. We are far ahead of other in SEO Companies in Kerala .We would like to spread the SEO awareness in Kerala . We have rich client base in Cochin. So we are considering the leading SEO company in Kerala.

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SEO is not only for making maximum clicks,but to keep more people in the website with maximum time. The visitors required to get the proper information about specific topic, once they get they will stick on the page.

There are mainly two types in SEO – On site and Off site.

On Site SEO : it is used to put genuine content with proper keyword analysis and generate content with Optimized keyword density. A Search engine expert can help you in this matter.

Off Site SEO : it is done through , link exchange, social media, link building , site submission etc. We may get more emails and non related spams under this option. But it anyways increase the trafic. It is up to the customer to choose in which model they prefer

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