Software Development

Ovalion is an industry leader in providing high quality software for your requirements. Whether its online software , offline or cloud based , our team is capable of delivering the same. our main domains of software development in Kerala

1. Business Software Development : This type of software used for small and medium business organizations for the organization management and activity management.

Eg: Administrative Software, Accounting , Payroll , HR, Business Analysis, Sales , Marketing , Customer Relations,Logistics Management, E- Commerce Applications, E-Shopping, Project Management Software, Construction Management, Product Showcase Management Software.

2. Health Care Software Development : This type of software often used to manage various health care requirements. Which starts from physician booking engine, health care directory, clinic management, pharmacy management.

3. Learning Management Software : This type of software mainly used for Educational Institutes, E- learning Applications, School Management, College Management, School bus Seat Booking, Course Management, Training Management Software.